Miroslav Kocic

So, let me start off by saying I am using the full version (9 bucks one). Now, for that amount of money this is a brilliant app! Andrzej, great job. As an archaeologist who does a lot of field walking, and uses a wide variety of data recorders and software to go with it, I find this app much better than a lot of more expensive competitive product. Connection with Garmin Glo works as a charm (although, a useful feature for BT GPS units would be battery level indicator). Now, my suggestions would be to make point form little bit more flexible, in order to add subjects (site no, lot no, etc) so the tracking of numbers would be easier and comment section would be reserved for comments. Also, I had a slight glitch with exporting to phone SD, but that was solved by exporting to Dropbox directly. Also, Andrzej, if you need beta testing of any of the features or future apps, I'm there!


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