Navigate to feature

Possibility to navigate to feature has been introduced in MapIt 3.3.4.

To start navigation you need to be on ‘Edit Feature’ screen and press the arrow symbol on the toolbar:

Activate Navigation

Activate Navigation


This tool is NOT a full turn-to-turn navigation, but it simply showing you the distance and direction to your destination which is very useful for locating old waypoints in the remote areas.

There is couple of things you need to be aware of when using this tool:

  1. The tool uses internal magnetic sensor to determine the azimuth, this is being rectified by the declination specific for your location, so the true North can be calculated.
  2. To use the tool properly you need to keep your device horizontally and you need to ensure your compass is calibrated.
  3. When the tool is active the battery consumption is higher than normal and you battery can be drained faster.
  4.  The tool is navigating to the point feature, first point of the line feature and polygon centroid. If polygon centroid is outside of the actual polygon the navigation will be carried out to the first vertex of the feature.


When the tool is active and GPS position is available following screen can be seen:

Navigate to feature

Navigate to feature


If your device is facing in the wrong direction the arrow will change the colour to yellow and if you will be facing backwards – the arrow will change the colour to red.

Navigation - out of track

Navigation – out of track

Navigation - facing backwards

Navigation – facing backwards


In case the GPS position cannot be determined following information will be displayed:



As long as you will be getting closer to your destination the distance on the navigation view will be adjusted accordingly.

This tool is a new feature in MapIt and if you spot any problems or anomalies please let us know.






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