Mapit GIS – NTRIP Client

The application is fully compatible with the Mapit GIS Data Collector version 6.0.0 and higher.

You can use any RTKLIB compliant GNSS with raw output connected via USB (ACM/PL2303/FTDI), Bluetooth, TCP port or NTRIP.

Please note: Mapit NTRIP Client is using RTKLIB library and you need to have a supported GNSS receiver to use with this application. Before buying subscription please ensure that your receiver is working well with the app (a 3 days FREE Trial is available to test the application).

RTKLIB compatible receivers can be found here: Other devices however may also be supported, but you need to test it yourself.

To use this application with Mapit GIS Data Collector:

1. Install Mapit 6.0.0 or higher or update your version of Mapit.

2. Install the Mapit NTRIP Client.

3. In Mapit go to the Settings → External GNSS and enable the NTRIP Client.

4. Set the input streams and start the RTK service. Please wait until the solution is resolved in the Mapit NTRIP Client, then switch to the map. On some occasion you need to restart the RTK Service to reconnect with Mapit GIS.

This software is a port of RTKLIB developed by Tomoki Takasu (

This application can compute precise GNSS positions using RTKLIB algorithms (RTK or PPP) but for this you need a supported external GPS/GNSS with raw carrier phase output.

Please refer to the Mapit NTRIP Client manual for more information.


NOTE: This application cannot process “standard” GPS data like those embedded into your phone or tablet. It has been tested with some external GNSS receivers but you need to find out yourself if this app suits your needs.


The application was tested with: U-blox M8T, U-blox Lea-4T,  U-blox M8N, Tersus BX305 – if you are using it with other GNSS receivers we would appreciate if you let us know in the comments below.



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