MapIt – Attribute Set

‘Attribute Set’ is a set of fields and field’s values which can be than connected to the layer and used as set of predefined values when registering the data. Depending what is your workflow you may use or you may not use the attribute set for your layers.


1.Name and Description – ‘No Attributes’ option

If you want simply display NAME and DESCRIPTION when adding new features to the map please choose ‘No Attributes’ when during ‘Add Layer’ operation:

No Attributes

No Attributes


2. Attribute Set – why to use it


Number of projects require however that you register number of properties like gender, colour, height etc. for each location. The common pattern is that these properties can be the same for number of locations – the attribute set used with your layer is going to speed up this process as instead of typing the same information over and over again you will simply pick the necessary values from the drop-down lists.

Add Data - attribute set

Add Data – attribute set


3. Manage Attributes


To Add/Remove/Edit/Import/Export attributes you need to go to the Navigation Drawer->Manage Attributes section of the app. Depending how complex attribute set is going to be you may decide to create the attribute set from scratch on the mobile device or you can prepare it on your desktop and import the whole attribute set or just a field values from a file.

If you want to share your attribute set between devices or you want to do a major changes to the attribute set structure, you can also export it to the file, do necessary changes and import it back to the app, so new layers can make use of it.

Creating the attribute set is a straightforward process and you can follow the steps from our Walk-through to get it done form scratch.




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13 Responses

  1. LEE LI CHUAN says:

    For taking photos with camera can we have another option for selecting from gallery

  2. Lukáš says:

    It is very good app! I have just one question: How can I reset name numbering? I realised it depends on point id but I wasn´t able to find the “reset button” anywhere.
    Thanks for your answer.

  3. Giovanni says:

    Excellent app!!! I was just wondering, is it possible to have “check box” entry for attributes? It could be useful a multiple entry for an attribute (ex.: tree diseases -> rot and bacterial wetwood). It could archive in the field in the same way multi photos area archived with | delimeter.
    thanks a lot

  4. Thomas Gabrielle says:

    hi, excellent app. is there a way of dynamically reading data from the attribute set into another app? for example, when creating points with attributes names and ID’s, to be able to use the ID’s I create in MapIT with another app to enter more data on the point feature.

    • osedok says:

      Hi Thomas, I am not sure what you really mean by that. You can export the data to number of formats and than process it on your PC or import to another apps, however I am not sure what you mean by “dynamically reading the data…”

      • Thomas Gabrielle says:

        what i mean is..imagine that you are collecting the attribute ‘plot ID’ for the polygons that you are drawing on the tablet. each time you digitize a new plot, you add a unique plotID. at the same time, you have a form app (ODK, CSEntry) where you collect a lot more attribute data (info) on the plot. in this other app, you want to link the MapIT generated PlotID with the other app’s Plot ID. if MapIT builds a list, then the other app can read this list of plotIDs…if the list is a text file and generated dynamically. this does not appear to be the case, but I am just checking. thanks

  5. Wolfgang says:

    Exist there a possibility to Change only the names of the Attributes?
    I have to correct the Names with the correct one for the Plants without doing the whole work again.



    • osedok says:

      It may cause your data to be inconsistent. I would not recommend that. Probably better to continue with the current setup and do necessary fields name changes after the export.

  6. Giovanni says:

    Hi, i think it could be useful to have the posibility to organise attributes in tabs or sections so that for a long list of attributes you haven’t to scroll a lot which is a problem when you are collecting data on field.
    Thanks bye

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