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In version 1.5.5 the possibility to import values for particular fields has been added. This function was requested by several users and is useful if you need to create surveys with long lists of possible values.
To import the values you need to create a simple text file containing the values, organised in separate lines and a simple space between the single words, as shown in the picture below. You can use any text editor to create such a file:

Import Values - Sample text file

Import Values – Sample text file (here: tree species)

The text file created in the step above must be copied to the folder MapIt → Import → Attributes of the SD Card. Please create the Attributes folder  first if it does not exist yet.

Sd Card->MapIt->Import->Attributes

Sd Card → MapIt → Import → Attributes

Following the step above you can import the field values when creating a new field or editing an existing one as shown in the pictures below:

Create new Field and Import values from file.

Create new Field and Import values from file.

Select file containing values for selected field.

Select a file containing values for the selected field.

Imported field's values

Imported field values


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  1. Hi:

    I use mapit, fantastic software and its a good idea for future updates, the possibilty to add directly new values for a field – attribute when you are collecting data in the forest.
    Sometimes for example you find new species that you have not in the values of a field.(species). Then you have to exit go to atributtes section > Edit …too long if you can do it directly.

    And please, add option SAVE PICTURES IN SD CARD !!!!, ITS A IMPORTANT UPDATE.

    Thanks a lot

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