Google Maps Overlays – OSM Type Services

Open Street Map is the world’s biggest open source mapping project and is now well recognised mark by anyone who is interested in mapping of any kind.

In addition to ArcGIS Tiled map services and WMS Overlays now you can add OSM Type services as MapIt overlays.

To be able to do so you need to have Google Maps Overlays Extension enabled.

There is number of sources you can get your maps URLs from but some of them are listed below. To add new OSM Type Service to your map please go to ‘Manage Google Overlays’ section, go to ‘Other’ tab and press the ‘Add’ button in the right- bottom corner.

Please provide necessary information (Name and URL) and press ‘Save’ button.

Add OSM Type Service

Add OSM Type Service

WayMarked Trails

Way-marked Trails








Some OSM Type map services you can try with MapIt:

  • Waymarked Trails – MapIt URL:
  • Open Topo Map – MapIt URL:
  • USA – Contours – MapIt URL:
  • Prahou na kole – MapIt URL:
  • OSMapa (PL, SK, CS) – MapIt URL:
  • Open See Map – MapIt URL:


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  1. Tibor says:

    is it also possible to shut up the online maps ? for example if i rendered my own maps and i don’t want to use onlinemaps. thx

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