Direct Export to PostgreSQL database

Starting from version 6.0.6 Mapit GIS is capable of exporting the data directly to PostgreSQL database. This facility is available as an Google Play one off in-app payment for a small fee.

There are 3 easy steps to get the export working:

1. Set the database connection in Mapit Settings->Remote Connections section

Mapit - Remote Connections

Mapit – Remote Connections

2. After selecting the layer in ‘Layers Management’ section please chose ‘Export’ from the context menu and select ‘Export to PostgreSQL’ option on the list.

Export to PostgreSQL

Export to PostgreSQL

3. Following popup will be displayed and there are 2 options on the list:

  • Create new or Append existing table – please select this option to create new layer in the database or to append the data from the layer to already existing table. Selecting this option you will add all records at the end of table, so if the same layer was already exported with 100 records and you have created additional 100 new records – the result table will contain in total 300 records (100 from the first export + 200 from the second export)
  • Create new or Overwrite existing table – please select this option if you would like to re-create the spatial layer each time you export the data. That would physically DROP existing data in the database and replace it with the layer’s records from Mapit.
Export to PostgreSQL - Options

Export to PostgreSQL – Options

4. Press ‘Export’ button to start the process. Immediately after successful export operation you  can access your data e.g. on the desktop PC and qGIS connected to the same database as Mapit GIS.

Export to PostgreSQL

Export to PostgreSQL






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