Coordinates conversion – EPSG code

Starting from version 4.1.0 (published on Google Play on the 13-06-2016) – there is possibility to use common EPSG codes for coordinates’ conversion in MapIt.

This functionality uses PRJ4 library ( to convert coordinates from WGS84 to local coordinate systems and vice versa.

To enable the custom EPSG conversion in MapIt please go to Settings->Units & Coordinates and select ‘Custom: EPSG code’ from the list.

Custom EPSG code

Custom EPSG code

When the option above is selected the Text Box for entering the code will be enabled and you can enter your code there:



Some sample codes looks like:

EPSG:5367  for CR05 / CRTM05 (
EPSG:3007  for SWEREF99 12 00 (
EPSG:3120  for Pulkovo 1942(58) / Poland zone I (
EPSG:5270 for TUREF / 3-degree Gauss-Kruger zone 10 (

Please be aware that some coordinate systems e.g. TUREF and some local UTM implementations has got number of EPSG codes for different zones.
Make sure you use correct code for the zone you are working in.

If you do not know what EPSG code you should use please refer to or

If you provide a valid code and the transformation cannot be applied for that code the map coordinates will be set as WGS84 (lat,lon).
Also when the code is not valid the map coordinates will be set as WGS84 (lat, lon).

Beware! Great care should be taken to check that the conversion is working correctly particularly when the datum transformation take place or there is number of EPSG codes for the same projection name. 

Never accept the default transformation unless you know it is correct for your purpose!



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